Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Schedule your Spring/Summer Color and Image Update today!
ü  Keep current with up-to-date information on Spring/Summer 2019 Color, Fashion and Makeup Trends.

ü  Learn to build on what you know already works for you and make small changes so your look is not dated.

ü  Use your palette to experiment with new wardrobe color combinations.

ü  Try an updated makeup look appropriate to your coloring.   

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$25 for session (Which may be applied towards makeup/skincare purchase)

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Spring Cleaning

It’s Time To
Spring Clean Your Cosmetics!

1.    Shampoo your Powder, Blush or Eye Shadow Brushes with a gentle shampoo at least once per month or Purchase New Brushes.  Your Makeup will look perfect!

2.    Throw out your old Eye Shadows (1 – 2 years old).

3.    Replace your Mascara every 3 – 4 months.

4.     Sharpen all your Eyeliners & Lip Liners (chill in refrigerator before sharpening).

5.    Replace Liquid Makeup that is over a year old.

6.    Check and discard old Lipsticks.  Get new colors in Blush & Lipstick for Summer.

7.    Come visit me for a Summer Skin Care session, Makeup session, or Seasonal Update.
Get A New Look!   I will help you discover what is BEST FOR YOU!    
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